Four Tops ‎– Keeper of the Castle (1972)

Keeper of the Castle is an album by American soul act the Four Tops, released in 1972 on Dunhill.

A1. “Keeper of the Castle” (3:00)
A2. “Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I’ve Got)” (3:04)
A3. “Put a Little Love Away” (3:03)
A4. “Turn on the Light of Your Love” (3:36)
A5. “When Tonight Meets Tomorrow” (3:41)
A6. “Love Music” (3:35)
B1. “Remember What I Told You to Forget” (3:54)
B2. “(I Think I Must Be) Dreaming” (2:55)
B3. “The Good Lord Knows” (4:04)
B4. “Jubilee With Soul” (3:20)
B5. “Love Makes You Human” (4:42)
B6. “Keeper of the Castle (Reprise)” (1:25)

Levi Stubbs, Jr. — lead vocals
Lawrence Payton — background vocals
Renaldo “Obie” Benson — background vocals
Abdul “Duke” Fakir — background vocals
David Cohen, Joe Smith, Larry Carlton, Richard Bennett — guitar
Ron Brown, Wilton Felder — bass
Paul Humphrey — drums
Brian Potter, Gary Coleman, King Errisson, Victor Feldman — percussion
Dennis Lambert — keyboards
Jimmie Haskell — Moog synthesizer, string and horn arrangements
Dennis Lambert, Don Hockett, Gil Askey — string and horn arrangements
Jerome Richardson — piccolo flute solo on “When Tonight Meets Tomorrow” and saxophone solo on “Love Makes You Human”
Tony Terran — trumpet solo on “Love Music”
Chip Crawford — organ solo on “Love Makes You Human”
Sid Sharp — string conductor

Rudy Mazur — art work
Producer — Steve Barri, Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter

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