Forever Amber ‎– The Love Cycle (1969)

The Love Cycle is an album by English psych-pop band Forever Amber, originally released in 1969 on the band’s own Advance imprint.

The Meeting
A1. “Me Oh My
A2. “Silly Sunshine
The Talking
A3. “Bits of Your Life, Bits of My Life
A4. “For a Very Special Person”
A5. “The Dreamer Flies Back
A6. “Misunderstood
A7. “Better Things Are Bound to Come
The Walk Home
A8. “On a Night in Winter”
The Joy
B1. “On Top of My Own Special Mountain
B2. “Mary (The Painter)”
B3. “All the Colours of My Book
The Doubt
B4. “Going Away Again
The Sorrow
B5. “A Chance to Be Free”
The Scorn
B6. “I See You as You Used to Be
The Grief
B7. “Letters From Her
B8. “My Friend

Bass Guitar, Vocals – Anthony Mumford
Drums – Barry Broad
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Richard Lane
Organ [Electric], Piano, Harpsichord, Vocals – Christopher Parren*
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Christopher Jones
Vocals – Michael Richardson

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