Flying Island – Another Kind of Space (1976)

Another Kind of Space is the second of two albums by American jazz-rock band Flying Island, released in 1976 on Vanguard.

A1. “Star Dance” (5:18)
A2. “Dandelion Wine” (2:39)
A3. “Huh!” (4:21)
A4. “The Whole Family Would Like This” (7:07)
A5. “Radiant Point” (3:37)
B1. “Isolation” (7:36)
B2. “Through the Four Doors” (5:38)
B3. “The Vision and the Voice” (9:48)

Drums, Percussion – Bill Bacon
Electric Bass – Thom Preli
Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Trumpet, Organ, Synthesizer [Arp 2600] – Jeff Bova
Guitar – Ray Smith
Violin [Electric] – Faith Fraioli

Producer – Ed Bland
Engineer – Jeff Zaraya

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