Fleetwood Mac ‎– Then Play On (1969)

Then Play On is the third album by English blues-rock combo Fleetwood Mac, released in 1969 on Reprise.

A1. “Coming Your Way” (3:47)
A2. “Closing My Eyes” (4:50)
A3. “Fighting for Madge” (2:45)
A4. “When You Say” (4:22)
A5. “Show-Biz Blues” (3:50)
A6. “Underway” (3:06)
A7. “One Sunny Day” (3:12)
B1. “Although the Sun Is Shining” (2:31)
B2. “Rattlesnake Shake” (3:32)
B3. “Without You” (4:34)
B4. “Searching for Madge” (6:56)
B5. “My Dream” (3:30)
B6. “Like Crying” (2:21)
B7. “Before the Beginning” (3:28)

1969 single:
A. “Oh Well (Part 1)” (3:28) / B. “Oh Well (Part 2)” (5:40)

Peter Green — vocals, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, organ, tympanum, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, slide guitar, writer
Danny Kirwan — vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, writer
John McVie — bass, writer
Mick Fleetwood — drums, congas, hand clapping, writer

Christine Perfect — piano
Mike Vernon — producer
Maxwell Armfield — cover art

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