Fleetwood Mac ‎– Rumours (1977)

Rumours is the eleventh album by English/American pop/rock band Fleetwood Mac, released in 1977 on Warner Bros.

A1. “Second Hand News” (2:43)
A2. “Dreams” (4:14)
A3. “Never Going Back Again” (2:02)
A4. “Don’t Stop” (3:13)
A5. “Go Your Own Way” (3:38)
A6. “Songbird” (3:20)
B1. “The Chain” (4:28)
B2. “You Make Loving Fun” (3:31)
B3. “I Don’t Want to Know” (3:11)
B4. “Oh Daddy” (3:54)
B5. “Gold Dust Woman” (4:51)

John McVie — bass, writer
Lindsey Buckingham — guitar, vocals, writer
Stevie Nicks — vocals, writer
Mick Fleetwood — percussion, writer
Christine McVie — keyboards, synthesizer, vocals, writer

Fleetwood Mac — producer
Ken Caillat — engineer, co-producer
Richard Dashut — engineer, co-producer
Cris Morris — assistant engineer
Ken Perry — mastering
Desmond Strobel — cover design
Herbert Worthington — photography
Larry Vigon — title design

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