Flashman – Flashman (1977)

Flashman is an album by the namesake English cabaret/art-pop trio, released in 1977 on Pye Records.

A1. “Godmakers” (4:10)
A2. “A Summer Day” (1:37)
A3. “Love Me a Little” (3:32)
A4. “Jack of All Trades” (2:49)
A5. “Dawn” (1:47)
A6. “Paupers Tale” (4:16)
B1. “Tears” (2:10)
B2. “The Darby and Joan Suite” (13:31)

Gerald Watkiss — piano, vocals
Chris Hudman — guitar, bass
Nick Walpole — drums

Orchestrated By – Rob Young
Producer – Tony Atkins
Photography By – Geoff Howes

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