Flash & The Pan ‎– Headlines (1982)

Headlines is the third album by Australian modernist art-rock project Flash and the Pan, released in 1982 on Albert/Ensign/Epic. For this release, project masterminds Harry Vanda and George Young are joined by fellow Easybeats alumni Stevie Wright.

A1. “Jetsetters Ball” (4:49)
A2. “Don’t Vote” (2:48)
A3. “Waiting for a Train” (4:43)
A4. “War Games” (4:20)
A5. “Where Were You” (3:24)
B1. “Love Is a Gun” (3:32)
B2. “Up Against the Wall” (5:16)
B3. “Psychos on the Street” (3:54)
B4. “Hey Jimmy” (3:15)
B5. “Phil the Creole” (4:07)

Harry Vanda — lead guitar, vocals
George Young — lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar
Les Karski — bass
Stevie Wright — vocals
Ray Arnott — drums, vocals
Chrissie and Lyndsay Hammond — backing vocals

Harry Vanda & George Young — producers
Sam Horsburgh, Jr. — engineer
Colin Freeman — mix-down engineer
Björn Almstedt — mastering
Paul Janiszewski — cover artwork/concept


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