Flash and the Pan ‎– Flash and the Pan (1979)

Flash and the Pan is the debut album by the namesake Australian studio project headed by the songwriting/production team of George Young and Harry Vanda. Preceded by the popular 1977 single “Hey, St. Peter,” the album was released Down Under in 1978 on Albert Productions. In 1979, the album was issued in North America with different cover art on Epic.

A1. “Hey, St. Peter” (4:20)
A2. “Man in the Middle” (3:12)
A3. “Walking in the Rain” (3:10)
A4. “The African Shuffle” (4:30)
A5. “California” (4:19)
B1. “Lady Killer” (4:04)
B2. “The Man Who Knew the Answer” (4:20)
B3. “Hole in the Middle” (4:15)
B4. “Down Among the Dead Men” (4:40)
B5. “First and Last” (6:34)

George Young — lead vocals, synthesiser, producer, composer
Harry Vanda — guitar, backing vocals, producer, composer
Warren Morgan — piano
Ray Arnott — drums
Les Karski — bass

Janet Perr — cover design
Gene Greif — cover design
Ken Ambrose — photography

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