Flame Dream ‎– Calatea (1978)

Calatea is the debut album by Swiss symphonic-rock band Flame Dream, released in 1978 on Philips.

A1. “Gate to Calatea” (5:52)
A2. “Survey From the Summit” (5:18)
A3. “Volcano” (11:14)
B1. “Pyramids” (5:03)
B2. “Apocalypse of Sounds” (6:34)
B3. “Gate Out of Calatea” (8:30)

Bass, Vocals – Urs Hochuli
Drums, Percussion – Peter Furrer
Guitars, Vocals – Urs Waldispühl
Keyboards – Roland Ruckstuhl
Woodwinds, Vocals – Peter Wolf

Engineer – Jean Ristori
Written-By – R. Ruckstuhl (A1, A3 to B3), U. Waldispühl (A2)

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Flame Dream
Flame Dream was a Swiss symphonic-rock band from Luzern, formed in 1977. On Philips, they issued t...

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