Fischer-Z ‎– Word Salad (1979)

Word Salad is the debut album by English modernist New Wave band Fischer-Z, released in 1979 on United Artists.

A1. “Pretty Paracetamol” (3:59)
A2. “Acrobats” (2:42)
A3. “The Worker” (3:35)
A4. “Spiders” (1:43)
A5. “Remember Russia” (3:37)
A6. “The French Let Her” (3:20)
B1. “Lies” (3:58)
B2. “Wax Dolls” (2:47)
B3. “Headlines” (3:24)
B4. “Nice to Know” (2:53)
B5. “Billy and the Motorway Police” (2:13)
B6. “Lemmings” (3:00)

John Watts — guitar, lead vocals, writer
Steve Skolnik — keyboards, vocals, writer
David Graham — bass, writer
Steve Liddle — drums, percussion

Mike Howlett — producer, mixing
George Chambers — engineer
John Pasche — art direction, design
George Hardie — illustration
James Wedge — photography
Alan Perkins — mixing
Aldo Bocca — recording engineer
Gary Edwards — recording engineer, mixing

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