Fireballet ‎– Two, Too… (1976)

Two, Too… is the second album by American symphonic/art-rock ensemble Fireballet, released in 1976 on Passport Records.

A1. “Great Expectations” (4:30)
A2. “Chinatown Boulevards” (6:42)
—a. Crosstown Overture / East-West Melange
—b. Datelines, Deadlines, Parables, Headlines
A3. “It’s About Time” (6:12)
B1. “Desirée” (2:45)
B2. “Flash” (5:11)
B3. “Carrollon” (6:00)
B4. “Montage en filigrée” (4:49)

Jim Cuomo — vocals, drums, vibraphone, tubular bells, wooden blocks, timpani, sleigh bells, finger cymbals, bell tree, gong, triangle, Polymoog, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, tambourine, Clavinet, songwriter, harpsichord
Brian Hough — vocals, organ, saxophone, synthesizer, recorder, pipe organ, Polymoog
Frank Petto — accordion, electric piano, autoharp, synthesizer, backing vocals, Polymoog
Spike Biglin — bass
Ryche Chlanda — guitar, mandolin, zither, songwriter
John Zangrando — woodwinds
Brian Cuomo — harpsichord

Stephan Galfas — producer, engineer
Cliff Hodson — engineer

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