Finnforest ‎– Finnforest (1975)

Finnforest is the first of three albums by the namesake Finnish jazz-rock combo, released in 1975 on Love Records.

A1. “Mikä Yö!” (5:27)
A2. “Sanaton Laulu” (3:51)
A3. “Happea” (4:39)
A4. “Koin Siipesi” (2:52)
B1. “Paikalliset Tuulet” (4:17)
B2. “Aallon Vaihto” (4:54)
B3. “Kunnes” (4:34)
B4. “P.S.” (1:40)

Bass, Fuzz Bass – Pekka Tegelman (B2, B3)
Drums – Jussi Tegelman
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Pekka Tegelman
Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer – Jukka Rissanen
Producer – Måns Groundstroem

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