Exciter ‎– Violence & Force (1984)

Violence & Force is the second album by Canadian metal band Exciter, released in 1984 on Megaforce.

A1. “Oblivion” (0:36)
A2. “Violence & Force” (4:07)
A3. “Scream in the Night” (4:14)
A4. “Pounding Metal” (4:35)
A5. “Evil Sinner” (5:13)
B1. “Destructor” (4:20)
B2. “Sword of Darkness” (3:58)
B3. “Delivering to the Master” (6:06)
B4. “Saxons of the Fire” (3:27)
B5. “War Is Hell” (6:16)

Dan Beehler — drums, lead vocals
John Ricci — guitar, backing vocals
Allan Johnson — bass, backing vocals

Jon Zazula — executive producer
Carl “The Sacred One” Canedy — producer
Chris “Dr. Metal” Bubacz — engineer
Alex “The Boy Pharoah” Perialas — assistant engineer
Andy Brown — artwork
Jack Skinner — mastering engineer

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