Eurythmics ‎– In the Garden (1981)

In the Garden is the debut album by English art-pop duo the Eurythmics, released in 1981 on RCA.

A1. “English Summer” (4:02)
A2. “Belinda” (3:58)
A3. “Take Me to Your Heart” (3:35)
A4. “She’s Invisible Now” (3:30)
A5. “Your Time Will Come” (4:34)
B1. “Caveman Head” (3:59)
B2. “Never Gonna Cry Again” (3:05)
B3. “All the Young (People of Today)” (4:14)
B4. “Sing-Sing” (4:05)
B5. “Revenge” (4:31)

David A. Stewart — bass, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals, writer, guitar
Annie Lennox — vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, flute, writer

Clem Burke — drums
Jaki Liebezeit — drums, brass
Robert Görl — drums
Holger Czukay — French horn, brass
Roger Pomphrey — guitar, writer
Markus Stockhausen — brass
Sir Timothy Weather — saxophone
Krista Fast — voice

Conny Plank — producer
Eurythmics — producer
Peter Ashworth — photography
Rocking Russian — design

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