Ethos ‎– Ardour (1976)

Ardour is the first of two albums by American symphonic-rock band Ethos, released in 1976 on Capitol.

A1. “Intrepid Traveller” (6:18)
A2. “Space Brothers” (6:15)
A3. “Everyman” (5:08)
A4. “Atlanteans” (7:06)
B1. “The Spirit of Music” (3:56)
B2. “Long Dancer” (5:22)
B3. “The Dimension Man” (7:57)
B4. “E’Mocean” (4:41)

Michael Ponczek — organ, Chamberlin, Moog, effects
Mark Richards — percussion, effects
Wil Sharpe — guitar, mandolin, vocal
Brad Stephenson — bass, pedals, vocal
Larry Duncan Hammond — Mellotron, piano, Moog, organ, Clavinet, vocal

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