Enrico Rava ‎– Quotation Marks (1976)

Quotation Marks is an album by Italian jazz trumpeter Enrico Rava, released in 1976 on Japo Records.

A1. “Espejismo ratonera” (6:13)
A2. “Short Visit to Malena” (3:55)
A3. “Sola” (5:26)
A4. “San Justo” (8:50)
B1. “Water Kite” (6:24)
B2. “Quotation Marks / Naranjales” (7:38)
B3. “Melancolia de las maletas” (9:55)

Bandoneon – Rodolfo Mederos (A1, A3 to B1)
Bass – Herb Bushler (A2, B2, B3), El Negro Gonzales (A1, A3 to B1)
Drums – Jack DeJohnette (A2, B2, B3), Nestor Astarita (A1, A3 to B1)
Engineer – Jane… (A2, B2, B3), Nello (A1, A3 to B1)
Guitar – John Abercrombie (A2, B2, B3), Ricardo Lew (A1, A3 to B1)
Marimba, Percussion – Warren Smith (A2, B2, B3)
Percussion – El Chino Rossi (A1, A3 to B1), Ray Armando (A2, B2, B3)
Piano – Matias Pizarro (A1, A3 to B1)
Piano, Synthesizer – David Horowitz (A2, B2, B3)
Producer – David Horowitz (A2, B2, B3), Jack Tafoya (A2, B2, B3), Nano Herrera (A1, A3 to B1)
Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Percussion – Finito Bingert (A1, A3 to B1)
Trumpet – Enrico Rava
Vocals [Vocal] – Jeanne Lee (A2, B2, B3)

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