Endgames ‎– Building Beauty (1983)

Building Beauty is the first of two albums by Scottish synthpop/blue-eyed soul band Endgames, released in 1983 on Virgin/MCA.

A1. “Love Cares” (3:17)
A2. “The Universe Won’t Mind” (4:12)
A3. “Ecstasy” (4:40)
A4. “Miracle in My Heart” (3:20)
A5. “Love Building Beauty” (4:37)
B1. “Desire” (4:52)
B2. “Waiting for Another Chance” (3:56)
B3. “Searching for Love” (4:56)
B4. “Both of Us” (4:03)

Backing Vocals – Colin Campsie, David Rudden, Tracy, Willie Gardner
Bass – David Rudden, George McFarlane, Willie Gardner
Brass – Gary Barnacle, Luke Tunney, Peter Thoms
Drums, Electronic Drums [Simmons], Drum Programming [Linn Programming], Percussion – Brian McGee
Guitar – Willie Gardner
Keyboards – George McFarlane
Keyboards [Minimoog, Jupiter 4, Wave Ppg 2.2] – Douglas Muirden
Keyboards [Polysix, Wave Ppg 2.2, Jupiter 4 Minimoog, Oberheim Obxa] – David Murdoch
Keyboards [Polysix, Wave Ppg 2.2] – Paul Wishart
Keyboards [Prophet (strings)] – Trixie
Lead Vocals – David Rudden
Piano – David Murdoch, Trixie
Sampler [Fairlight] – David Murdoch, Willie Gardner
Saxophone – Douglas Muirden, Paul Wishart

Engineer – Howard Gray, Nick Sykes
Producer – Colin Campsie, George McFarlane

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