Elvis Costello ‎– Spike (1989)

Spike is the eleventh album of original material by Elvis Costello, released in February 1989. The album was recorded in four locations — Dublin, London, New Orleans, and Hollywood — with augmented casts of backing players on an assortment of brass and folk instruments. Rapturously received on both sides of the Atlantic, the album and its lead-off single “Veronica” achieved rare Billboard chart placements for the singer at #32 and #19, respectively.

A1. …This Town…
A2. Let Him Dangle
A3. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
A4. Veronica
A5. God’s Comic
A6. Chewing Gum
A7. Tramp the Dirt Down
B1. Stalin Malone
B2. Satellite
B3. Pads, Paws and Claws
B4. Baby Plays Around
B5. Miss MacBeth
B6. Any King’s Shilling
B7. Last Boat Leaving

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