Elvis Costello ‎– My Aim Is True (1977)

My Aim Is True is the debut album by English singer/songwriter Elvis Costello, originally released in July 1977 on Stiff Records. A subsequent U.K. single, “Watching the Detectives,” was appended to side A of the album’s stateside issue on Columbia Records later that same year.

A1. “Welcome to the Working Week” (1:22)
A2. “Miracle Man” (3:28)
A3. “No Dancing” (2:37)
A4. “Blame It on Cain” (2:48)
A5. “Alison” (3:21)
A6. “Sneaky Feelings” (2:08)
A7. “Watching the Detectives” (3:42)
B1. “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes” (2:46)
B2. “Less Than Zero” (3:11)*
B3. “Mystery Dance” (1:35)
B4. “Pay It Back” (2:32)
B5. “I’m Not Angry” (2:57)
B6. “Waiting for the End of the World” (3:21)

*B-side: “Radio Sweetheart” (2:48)

Elvis Costello — lead vocals, guitar, writer, piano, sticks
John McFee — guitar
Micky Shine — drums
Sean Hopper — keyboards, backing vocals
John Ciambotti — bass, backing vocals
Stan Shaw — organ

Nick Lowe — backing vocals, bass, piano, sticks, producer
George Peckham — cutting engineer

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