Elton John ‎– Tumbleweed Connection (1970)

Tumbleweed Connection is the third album by English pianist/performer Elton John, released in 1970 on DJM.

A1. “Ballad of a Well-Known Gun” (4:59)
A2. “Come Down in Time” (3:25)
A3. “Country Comfort” (5:08)
A4. “Son of Your Father” (3:46)
A5. “My Father’s Gun” (6:19)
B1. “Where to Now St. Peter?” (4:12)
B2. “Love Song” (3:40)
B3. “Amoreena” (4:57)
B4. “Talking Old Soldiers” (4:06)
B5. “Burn Down the Mission” (6:21)

Madeline Bell – backing vocals (A1, A4, A5)
Paul Buckmaster – arrangement, conductor, orchestration
Tony Burrows – backing vocals (A1, A5)
Brian Dee – Hammond organ (B5)
Ian Duck – harmonica (A3, A4)
Lesley Duncan – backing vocals (A1, A4, A5, B2), acoustic guitar (B2)
Mike Egan – acoustic guitar (B5)
Herbie Flowers – bass guitar (A2, A3, B5)
Kay Garner – backing vocals (A1, A4, A5)
Dave Glover – bass guitar (A1, A4, A5, B1)
Tony Hazzard – backing vocals (A1, A5)
Gordon Huntley – steel guitar (A3)
Tammi Hunt – backing vocals (A4)
Karl Jenkins – oboe (A2)
Elton John – lead vocals, piano (A1, A3-B1, B3, B4, B5), Hammond organ (B3), backing vocals (B5)
Robin Jones – congas (B5), tambourine (B5)
Skaila Kanga – harp (A2)
Chris Laurence – bass guitar (A2, B5)
Barry Morgan – drums (A2, A3, B5)
Dee Murray – backing vocals (A3, B1), bass guitar (B3)
Nigel Olsson – backing vocals (A3, B1), drums (B3)
Roger Pope – drums (A1, A4, A5), percussion (A1)
Caleb Quaye – lead guitar (A1, A4, B3), acoustic guitar (A1, A3, A5), electric guitar (5)
Dusty Springfield – backing vocals (A1, A5)
Les Thatcher – acoustic guitar (A2, B5), twelve-string acoustic guitar (A3)
Johnny Van Derek – violin (A3)
Heather Wheatman – backing vocals (A4)
Yvonne Wheatman – backing vocals (A4)

Gus Dudgeon – producer
Robin Geoffrey Cable – engineer

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