Eloy ‎– Power and the Passion (1975)

Power and the Passion is the fourth album by German space-rock band Eloy, released in 1975 on Harvest.

A1. “Introduction” (1:10)
A2. “Journey Into 1358” (2:56)
A3. “Love Over Six Centuries” (10:05)
A4. “Mutiny” (9:07)
B1. “Imprisonment” (3:12)
B2. “Daylight” (2:38)
B3. “Thoughts of Home” (1:04)
B4. “The Zany Magician” (2:38)
B5. “Back Into the Present” (3:07)
B6. “The Bells of Notre Dame” (6:26)

Frank Bornemann — vocals, guitar
Luitjen Jansen — bass
Fritz Randow — drums, percussion
Detlef Schwaar — guitar
Manfred Wieczorke — keyboards

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