Electric Light Orchestra ‎– Out of the Blue (1977)

Out of the Blue is the seventh album by English symphonic/art-pop band ELO, originally released as a two-LP set in 1977 on Jet Records.


A1. “Turn to Stone” (3:48)
A2. “It’s Over” (4:08)
A3. “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” (3:48)
A4. “Across the Border” (3:52)
B1. “Night in the City” (4:02)
B2. “Starlight” (4:30)
B3. “Jungle” (3:51)
B4. “Believe Me Now” (1:21)
B5. “Steppin’ Out” (4:38)
Concerto for a Rainy Day
C1. “Standin’ in the Rain” (4:20)
C2. “Big Wheels” (5:10)
C3. “Summer and Lightning” (4:13)
C4. “Mr. Blue Sky” (5:05)
D1. “Sweet Is the Night” (3:26)
D2. “The Whale” (5:05)
D3. “Birmingham Blues” (4:21)
D4. “Wild West Hero” (4:40)

Jeff Lynne — lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, slide guitar, rhythm guitar, Wurlitzer, mini moog, percussion, orchestral arrangements, vocal arrangements, music, lyrics, producer
Bev Bevan — drums, percussion, backing vocals
Richard Tandy — Polymoog, mini moog, ARP Solina string synthesizer, synthesizer, sequencer, Wurlitzer, electric piano, Mellotron, Clavinet, guitar, orchestral arrangements, vocal arrangements
Kelly Groucutt — vocals, backing vocals, bass, percussion
Mik Kaminski — violin
Hugh McDowell — cello
Melvyn Gale — cello, piano

Louis Clark — conductor, orchestral arrangements, vocal arrangements
Mack — effects, engineer
Shusei Nagaoka — cover art, illustration
Michael Bryan — portrait photography
Ria Lewerke — art direction, design
Kosh — art direction, design

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