Electric Light Orchestra – On the Third Day (1973)

On the Third Day is the third album by English symphonic-pop ensemble Electric Light Orchestra, released in 1973 on Warner/U.A.

A1. “Ocean Breakup / King of the Universe” (4:08)
A2. “Bluebird Is Dead” (4:45)
A3. “Oh No Not Susan” (2:54)
A4. “New World Rising / Ocean Breakup Reprise” (4:25)
A5. “Showdown” (4:15)
B1. “Daybreaker” (3:51)
B2. “Ma-Ma-Ma Belle” (3:46)
B3. “Dreaming of 4000” (5:11)
B4. “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (6:40)

Jeff Lynne — guitar, vocals, producer
Bev Bevan — drums
Richard Tandy — Moog, piano
Michael de Albuquerque — bass
Mike Edwards — cello

Dick Plant — engineer
Douglas Bogey — engineer
Bob Cato — art direction
Richard Avedon — photography
John Kehe — design

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