Electric Light Orchestra – Eldorado (1974)

Eldorado is the fourth album by English symphonic-pop ensemble Electric Light Orchestra, released in 1974 on Warner/U.A.

A1. “Eldorado Overture” (2:13)
A2. “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” (4:21)
A3. “Boy Blue” (5:19)
A4. “Laredo Tornado” (5:30)
A5. “Poor Boy (The Greenwood)” (2:56)
B1. “Mister Kingdom” (5:30)
B2. “Nobody’s Child” (3:57)
B3. “Illusions in G Major” (2:38)
B4. “Eldorado” (5:18)
B5. “Eldorado – Finale” (1:39)

Jeff Lynne — guitar, vocals, Moog, backing vocals, lyrics, music, arrangements, producer
Bev Bevan — drums, percussion
Richard Tandy — piano, Moog, guitar, backing vocals, arrangements
Michael de Albuquerque — bass
Michael Edwards — cello
Hugh McDowell — cello
Mik Kaminski — violin

Louis Clark — conductor, arrangements
Peter Forbes-Robertson — spoken word
Dick Plant — recording engineer
Mike Pela — engineer
John Kehe — design
John Williams — art direction

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