Eire Apparent ‎– Sunrise (1969)

Sunrise is an album by Irish psych-rock band Eire Apparent, released in 1969 on Buddah.

A1. “Yes, I Need Someone” (3:13)
A2. “Got to Get Away” (3:20)
A3. “The Clown” (2:50)
A4. “Mr. Guy Fawkes” (5:55)
A5. “Someone Is Sure To (Want You)” (2:36)
B1. “Morning Glory” (3:26)
B2. “Magic Carpet” (2:51)
B3. “Captive in the Sun” (4:39)
B4. “Let Me Stay” (2:39)
B5. “1026” (4:10)

Eric Christopher Stewart — performer, writer
William David Lutton — performer, writer
Ernest Harold Graham — performer, writer
Michael Charles Cox — performer, writer

Jack Hunt — producer, engineer
Eddie Kramer — engineer
Gary Kellgren — engineer
Tony Bongiovi — engineer
Gerry Stickells — performer
Noel Redding — performer
Robert Wyatt — performer
Vic Briggs — arranger
Jimi Hendrix — producer, guitar

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