Egba – Jungle-Jam (1976)

Jungle-Jam is the second album by Swedish ethno/jazz-rock ensemble Egba, released in 1976 on Sonet.

A1. “Turtle Dance” (6:48)
A2. “Bland tomtar och kontroller” (5:04)
A3. “Takdropp” (2:47)
A4. “Follow That Knallert” (5:58)
A5. “La Firmeza” (4:54)
B1. “Trabajo para egba” (6:00)
B2. “Månadens erbjudande” (3:22)
B3. “EKG” (3:05)
B4. “Apkalops” (5:35)
B5. “Hollywood Magic” (7:00)

Ulf Andersson — saxophone, flute
Ulf Adåker — trumpet, flugelhorn, writer
Göran Lagerberg — bass
Åke Eriksson — drums
Lars Jansson — piano, electric piano, writer
Bjarne Roupé — guitar, writer
Ahmadu Jarr — congas, percussion

Egba — producer
Anders Oredsson — engineer
Lasse Åberg — layout
Bengt H. Malmqvist — photography
Gai Terrell — photography
Peter Engström — photography
Henri Rousseau — artwork

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