Eduard Artemiev ‎– Тепло Земли [Warmth Of Earth] (1985)

Тепло Земли (Warmth Of Earth) is an album by Russian composer Eduard Artemiev, released in 1985 on Мелодия (Melody).

1. Birth of Earth (3:00)
2. Who I Am! (6:37)
3. Warmth of Earth (3:52)
4. Meeting On the Milky Way (3:46)
5. Farewell (3:13)
6. Expectations (4:20)
7. Rekkens (5:22)
8. Hope (3:40)
9. Where Are You? (5:45)
10. Lonely Sail (3:43)
11. Finale – Hymn to Human Being (9:11)

Юрий Рытхэу — lyricist
Жанна Рождественская 〈Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya〉 — vocals
Ансамбль «Бумеранг» — ensemble
Юрий Богданов 〈Yuri Bogdanov〉 — synthesizer, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, engineer
А. Закиров 〈A. Zakirov〉 — bass
Сергей Богданов 〈Sergey Bogdanov〉 — drums
Игорь Лень 〈Igor Len〉 — keyboards
С. Савельев 〈S. Savelyev〉 — keyboards

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