Echo & The Bunnymen ‎– Ocean Rain (1984)

Ocean Rain is the fourth album by Liverpudlian art-pop band Echo & The Bunnymen, released in 1984 on Korova/Sire.

A1. “Silver” (3:22)
A2. “Nocturnal Me” (4:57)
A3. “Crystal Days” (2:25)
A4. “The Yo Yo Man” (3:11)
A5. “Thorn of Crowns” (4:52)
B1. “The Killing Moon” (5:50)
B2. “Seven Seas” (3:20)
B3. “My Kingdom” (4:05)
B4. “Ocean Rain” (5:12)

Ian McCulloch — vocals, writer, producer
Will Sergeant — guitar, writer, producer
Les Pattinson — bass, writer, producer
Pete de Freitas — drums, writer, producer

Adam Peters — orchestral arrangements, piano, cello
Gil Norton — producer, engineer, mixing
Henri Lonstan — engineer, producer
Jean-Yves Pouilloux — assistant engineer
Brian Griffin — photography
Martyn Adams — design

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