Earthstar ‎– French Skyline (1979)

French Skyline is an album by American electronic combo Earthstar, produced by Klaus Schulze and released in 1979 on Sky Records.

Latin Sirens Face The Wall
A1. “Part I. Sirens” (4:14)
A2. “Part II. The Amazon” (10:18)
A3. “Part III. The Flourishing Illusion” (5:07)
B1. “Splendored Skies And Angels” (6:21)
French Sky Lines Suite
B2. “Movement I. Morning Song (For Iris And Richard)” (3:50)
B3. “Movement II. Sources Change, Including ‘The Movement’” (4:48)
B4. “Movement III. 3 Demensional Music” (4:47)
B5. “Movement IV. Wind And Sky Symphony / Reprise: Morning Song” (5:13)

Bass, Electronics [Devices] – Norm Peach
Choir [Hu Choir] – Craig Wuest, Joan N., Marla T., Phil N.
Electric Guitar, Guitar [Treated], Electronics [Tonewall] – Dennis Rea
Flute, Woodwind [Templewind] – Tim Finnegan
French Horn, Flute – Marla Thomson
Sitar – Dirk Schmalenbach
Synthesizer, Sequencer, Mellotron, Keyboards [Biotron], Piano, Sitar, Harp, Effects [Sundrys, Glass Games, Night Machine, Tone Doctor], Voice, Vocoder, Bells [Tibetan Bells], Percussion [Assorted], Loops [Tapeloops], Electronics [Treatments] – Craig Wuest
Violin [Violin I], Viola, Electronics [Treatments] – Louis Deponté
Violin [Violin II] – Phil Novak
Violin [Whaling], Electronics [Sheets Of Sound] – Daryl Trivieri

Liner Notes [Cover Notes & Credits] – Craig, Melanie
Mixed By, Recorded By [Additional Recording] – Craig Wuest, Eberhard Panne
Producer – Craig Wuest, Klaus Schulze
Programmed By [Moogmodular System Programming], Technician [Technical Advice] – Klaus Schulze
Recorded By [Sea Birds At The French Coast] – Louis Deponté
Engineer – Craig Wuest (B1 to B5), Klaus S. (A1 to A3), Shocking Louie (B1 to B5)
Engineer [Bass & Strings Recording] – John Bunkfeldt
Design [Cover], Photography By – Craig Wuest
Typography [Satz], Cover – Atelier Schümann, Hamburg

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