Earth, Wind & Fire ‎– All ‘n All (1977)

All ‘n All is the eighth studio album by American funk/soul ensemble Earth, Wind & Fire, released in 1977 on Columbia/CBS.

A1. Serpentine Fire (3:51)
A2. Fantasy (4:38)
A3. In the Marketplace (Interlude) / Jupiter (3:55)
A4. Love’s Holiday / Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude) (5:43)
B1. I’ll Write a Song for You (5:23)
B2. Magic Mind (3:39)
B3. Runnin’ / Brazilian Rhyme (Interlude) (6:45)
B4. Be Ever Wonderful (5:08)

Maurice White — vocals, drums, kalimba, producer, writer
Verdine White — vocals, bass, assistant producer, writer
Philip Bailey — vocals, congas, percussion, writer
Ralph Johnson — drums
Al McKay — guitar, writer
Johnny Graham — guitar
Andrew Woolfolk — tenor saxophone
Eduardo del Barrio — piano, writer
Roger Bobo — tuba
George Bohanon — trombone
Oscar Brashear — trumpet
Garnett Brown — trombone
David Duke — French horn
Terry Harrington — flute
Michael Harris — trumpet
Fred Jackson, Jr. — flute
Richard Klein — French horn
James M. McGee — French horn
Abe Most — flute
Don Myrick — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Alan Robinson — French horn
Gale Robinson — French horn
Marilyn Robinson — French horn
Louis Satterfield — trombone
Dorothy Ashby — harp
Blanche Belnick — violin
Ronald Clark — violin
Ronald Cooper — cello
Norman Forrest — viola
Harris Goldman — violin
Jack Gootkin — violin
Janice Gower — violin, concertmistress
Ruth Henry — violin
Jan Kelly — cello
Renita Koven — viola
Betty LaMagna — violin
Carl LaMagna — violin
Mary D. Lindquist — violin
Linda Lipsett — viola
Sheldon Sanov — violin
Haim Shtrum — violin
Daniel Smith — cello
Barry Socher — violin
Lya Stern — violin
David Stockhammer — violin
Barbara Thomason — violin
Marcia Van Dyke — violin
Susan Ranney — bass
Meyer Rubin — bass
Phil Ayling — drums
Paulinho da Costa — percussion
Skip Scarborough — percussion, piano, writer
Larry Dunn — piano, synthesizer, assistant producer, writer
Eumir Deodato — string arrangements, horn arrangements

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