Dreams ‎– Dreams (1970)

Dreams is the first of two albums by the namesake American brass-rock band, released in 1970 on Columbia/CBS.

A1. “Devil Lady” (3:33)
A2. “15 Miles to Povo” (3:01)
A3. “The Martanine” (2:25)
A4. “Holli Be Home” (5:41)
A5. “Try Me” (5:08)
B1. “Dream Suite” (14:45)
— a. Asset Stop
— b. Jane
— c. Crunchy Granola
B2. “New York” (5:35)

Michael Brecker — tenor saxophone, flute
Randy Brecker — trumpet, flugelhorn
Bill Cobham, Jr. — drums, percussion
Jeff Kent — keyboards, guitar, vocals
Doug Lubahn — bass, vocals
Barry Rogers — trombone, Wagner tuba
Edward Vernon — lead vocals
John Abercrombie — lead guitar

Fred Weinberg — producer
Dreams — producer

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