Dream Theater ‎– When Dream and Day Unite (1989)

When Dream and Day Unite is the debut album by American symphonic/metal band Dream Theater, released in 1989 on MCA/Mechanic.

1. “A Fortune in Lies” (5:12)
2. “Status Seeker” (4:17)
3. “The Ytse Jam” (5:43)
4. “The Killing Hand” (8:42)
— i. The Observance
— ii. Ancient Renewal
— iii. The Stray Seed
— iv. Thorus
— v. Exodus
5. “Light Fuse and Get Away” (7:23)
6. “Afterlife” (5:27)
7. “The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun” (8:04)
8. “Only a Matter of Time” (6:37)

Charlie Dominici — vocals, writer, lyrics
Kevin Moore — keyboards, writer, lyrics
John Myung — bass, writer
John Petrucci — guitar, writer, lyrics
Mike Portnoy — drums, writer

Dream Theater — production
Steve Sinclair — executive producer
Terry Date — production, engineering, mixing
Joe Alexander — engineering, mixing
Amy Guip — cover design, photography

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