Dr. Dopo Jam – Fat Dogs and Danishmen (1974)

Fat Dogs and Danishmen is the second album by Danish avant-garde/jazz-rock ensemble Dr. Dopo Jam, released in 1974 on Zebra.

A1. “Cowboy-Song” (5:26)
A2. “The Rubber Waltz” (4:06)
A3. “Ode to Daddy Meatloaf” (1:35)
A4. “Surfin’ in Sahara” (3:45)
A5. “Mambo Bernaice” (4:35)
— a. Instrumental
— b. On a Manhatten Bar
A6. “Scerzo for Violin & Pianoforte” (2:50)
A7. “Rendezvous (Suite)” (6:17)
— a. Do a Little Song
— b. Chains and Change
— c. Socket Who Me?
— d. Rendezvous
B1. “Tango Macabre” (4:05)
B2. “Fat Dogs and Danishmen” (9:50)
B3. “Nova Bossa Nova” (5:10)
B4. “Concerto for Solo Violin, Strings & Expanded Beatorchestra” (8:20)
— Overture: Largo Maestoso
— Satz: Adagio Delicatezza
— Allegro in 5/4
— Satz: Adagio con Dolore
— Satz: Pizzicate Andante
— Satz: Andantino con Amore
— Finale Grandioso

Clavinet [Electric Clavinet], Rhythm Guitar, Grand Piano, Backing Vocals, Composed By, Arranged By – Kristian Pommer
Double Bass – Benkö Mihály (B4)
Drums – Niels “Callecule” Carl Wilh. W. C. (B3, B4)
Drums, Congas, Percussion – E. Weisgard
Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Guitar [12 String] – B. Clausen
Electric Bass [Fender Bass] – Vagn Hansen
Lead Guitar – J. Knudsen
Lead Vocals – Lars Bisgaard
Percussion, Congas – Claus Nordsø (A7, B4)
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute – A. Gaardman
Trombone – J. Nørdal
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute [Tenorflute], Backing Vocals – S. Snitker
Trumpet, Flute – Poul Nielsen (A7, B4)
Violin – Lars Rasmussen (A6)
Violin [2. Violin] – Jørgen Martinsen (B4)
Violin [3. Violin] – Søren Berggreen (B4)
Violin [4. Violin] – Mads Henriksen (B4)
Violin [Solo Violin] – Wandy Tworek (B4)
Vocals – Birgit Smidt, Birgitte Holm Sørensen, Børge Lysholmortensen

Engineer – Carsten Uhlendorf
Producer – Klaus Lorenzen

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