Dr. Dopo Jam – Cruisin’ at Midnite (1981)

Cruisin’ at Midnite is the third and final album by Danish avant-garde/jazz-rock ensemble Dr. Dopo Jam, released in 1981 on Dopo-Di-Doo-Platts.

A1. “Midnite Cruiser
A2. “Simultan
A3. “The Blue Blues”
A4. “Sallamanna Kaboo
A5. “Hestekur
B1. “Concerto III Part I
B2. “Sneaky Snake”
B3. “Hulga
B4. “Concerto III Part II
B5. “The Magic
B6. “Tågerne Sætter
B7. “Concerto III Part III”

Bass – Michael Bony M Holmen
Drums, Tambourine, Performer [Guaguanco] – Jacob JZ Zaether
Electric Guitar, Violin, Performer [Fishy Business] – Lars Rasmussen
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Performer [Vacuum Cleaner], Effects [Weird], Vocals – Kristian Pommer
Percussion, Congas, Bongos [Bong], Vocals – Povl Polle Olsen
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute, Performer [Bananas] – Skak Snitker

Photography By [Backphoto] – Per Dreyer
Photography By [Frontphototechniques] – Fotofabrikken
Producer – Dr. Dopo Jam, Farmer Jahn, Kristian Pommer
Recorded By – Konrad Farmer Jahn

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