Doug Hammond – Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen (1975)

Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen is the debut album by American jazz musician Doug Hammond, released in 1975 on Tribe.

A1. “Fidalgo Detour” (7:32)
A2. “Space II” (0:35)
A3. “Wake Up Brothers” (3:05)
A4. “Reflections” (4:23)
B1. “For Real” (2:56)
B2. “Space I” (2:00)
B3. “Sea of Nurnen” (4:34)
B4. “Moves” (4:29)

Reissue bonus tracks:
9. “Venus Fly Trap” (2:49)
10. “Kai” (3:53)

Doug Hammond — drums, melodica, synthesizer, vocals
Otis Harris — alto saxophone
Charles Metcalf — bass violin, electric bass
David Durrah — electric piano, piano, synthesizer
Frederick Boon — percussion
Thomas (Turk) Trayler — percussion
Charles Burnham — violin
Trevis Mickeel — violin

Grace Williams — artwork
John Viera — engineer
Karma Stanley — photography

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