Donna Summer ‎– Once Upon a Time… (1977)

Once Upon a Time… is the sixth album by American vocalist Donna Summer, released in 1977 on Casablanca.

A1. Once Upon a Time (4:02)
A2. Faster and Faster to Nowhere (3:34)
A3. Fairy Tale High (4:25)
A4. Say Something Nice (4:44)
B1. Now I Need You (6:09)
B2. Working the Midnight Shift (5:07)
B3. Queen for a Day (5:59)
C1. If You Got It Flaunt It (4:43)
C2. A Man Like You (3:34)
C3. Sweet Romance (4:31)
C4. (Theme) Once Upon a Time (0:48)
C5. Dance Into My Life (4:10)
D1. Rumour Has It (4:57)
D2. I Love You (4:43)
D3. Happily Ever After (3:51)
D4. (Theme) Once Upon a Time (3:58)

Donna Summer — vocals, writer, design
Giorgio Moroder — producer, arranger, moog synthesizer, writer
Pete Bellotte — producer, percussion, writer
Bob Esty — arranger, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Les Hurdle — bass
Dino Solera — brass, soloist, saxophone
Benny Gebauer — brass
Cap Etienne — brass
Hanus Berka — brass
Herman Breuer — brass
Jef Coolen — brass
Rick Blanc — brass
Lee Harper — brass
Bob Conti — percussion
Josef Spector — percussion
Keith Forsey — drums, percussion
Dan Wyman — Moog, programming
Geoff Bastow — guitar
Mats Björklund — guitar
Allen Hawkshaw — keyboards
Edo Zanki — backing vocals
Gitta Walther — backing vocals
Jerry Rix — backing vocals
Judy Cheeks — backing vocals
Lucy O’Neale — backing vocals
Jurgen “Quantity” Koppers — recording engineer, mixing

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