Donald Byrd ‎– Black Byrd (1973)

Black Byrd is a jazz-funk album by American trumpeter Donald Byrd, released in 1973 on Blue Note.

A1. “Flight Time” (8:30)
A2. “Black Byrd” (8:00)
A3. “Love’s So Far Away” (6:00)
B1. “Mr. Thomas” (5:15)
B2. “Sky High” (5:59)
B3. “Slop Jar Blues” (6:00)
B4. “Where Are We Going?” (4:40)

Donald Byrd — trumpet, flugelhorn, lead vocals
Fonce Mizell — trumpet, vocals
Roger Glenn — flute, alto flute, saxophone
Joe Sample — piano, electric piano
Fred Perren — electric piano, synthesizer, vocals
Harvey Mason — drums
Larry Mizell — vocals, arrangements, producer, composer
Dean Parks — guitar
Wilton Felder — electric bass
Bobbye Porter Hall — percussion
David T. Walker — guitar
Chuck Rainey — electric bass
Stephanie Spruill — congas, tambourine

George Butler — executive producer
Dave Hassinger — engineer, remixer
Chuck Davis — assistant engineer, remixer
Steve Waldman — assistant engineer

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