Don Mock ‎– Mock One (1978)

Mock One is an album by American jazz-rock guitarist/composer Don Mock, released in 1978 on Wolf Records.

A1. “You Choose One” (3:46)
A2. “Song to a Seagull” (5:17)
A3. “Stellar Stomp/Waltz of the Stratus Dancers” (6:10)
A4. “Stephanie’s Peace” (5:02)
B1. “Theme to Dream” (7:21)
B2. “Entrance of Heather / Transition of Heather” (14:11)

Composition: Don Mock (A1, A3–B2), Joni Mitchell (A2), K. Cole (B2)

Electric Guitar – Don Mock (A1, A3, B3)
Guitar – Don Mock (B1)
Arrangements, Acoustic Guitar – Don Mock (A2)
Guitar Synthesizer [Guitar 360 Systems, Oberheim Guitar], Synthesizer – Don Mock (A4)
Cabasa – Jim Bredouw (A3)
Congas – Tim Celeski (A1 to A3, B3)
Drums – Dave Coleman (A1 to A3, B1, B3)
Electric Bass – Paul Farnen (A1 to A3, B1, B3)
Flugelhorn – Ron Soderstrom (B1)
Percussion – Dave Coleman (A2, A3, B1, B3), Don Mock (A4), Tim Celeski (A1, A4, B1)
Piano [Acoustic Piano], Synthesizer [Oberheim Synthesizer] – K. Cole (B3)
Piano [Rhodes Piano] – Ken Cole (A1 to A3, B1)
Piano [Solo Acoustic Piano] – Ken Cole (B2)
Saxello, Tenor Saxophone – Denney Goodheim (A2)
Siren – Tim Rock (A3)
Trumpet – Ron Soderstrom (A2)
Viola – Stacy Solberg (A3, B1)
Whistle [Samba Whistle], Cuica – Luis Peralta (A2)

Art Direction, Cover Design – Kathy Adolphsen
Engineer, Producer – Tim Rock
Photography By – Mary Jane Cody, Mead Powers, Paul Farnen
Cover Photo – Bill Johnson
Producer – Don Mock
Associate Producer – Jim Bredouw

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