Don Henley ‎– Building the Perfect Beast (1984)

Building the Perfect Beast is the second solo album by singer/drummer/songwriter Don Henley, co-written and produced by Danny Kortchmar and released in 1984 on Geffen. The album includes instrumental contributions from Lindsey Buckingham, Charlie Sexton, Randy Newman, and Pino Palladino. Backing vocalists on select tracks include Patty Smyth, Martha Davis, and Belinda Carlisle.

A1. “The Boys of Summer” (4:50)
A2. “You Can’t Make Love” (3:33)
A3. “Man With a Mission” (2:45)
A4. “You’re Not Drinking Enough” (4:41)
A5. “Not Enough Love in the World” (3:54)
B1. “Building the Perfect Beast” (5:01)
B2. “All She Wants to Do Is Dance” (4:30)
B3. “A Month of Sundays” (4:29)
B4. “Sunset Grill” (6:20)
B5. “Drivin’ With Your Eyes Closed” (3:37)
B6. “Land of the Living” (3:23)

Don Henley – lead vocals , percussion (A5-B1, B4), drums (A2-A4, B2), keyboards (A5), chant voices (B1), harmony vocals (A2, A5, B2, B5), synthesizer (B1)
Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar – organ (A4), synthesizer (A1, A3, B1), guitar , percussion (B1, B4-B5), keyboards (B4), synthesizer guitar solos (B3), chant voices (B1), omnichord (A4), horns (A3), horn solo (B3)

Lindsey Buckingham – guitar, backing vocals, harmony vocals (A2)
Mike Campbell – synthesizer, additional guitars, percussion (A1)
Charlie Sexton – guitar (A3)
Tim Drummond – bass guitar (A4-A5)
Pino Palladino – bass guitar (A2, B4, B5)
Larry Klein – bass guitar (A1)
Jim Keltner – additional drums (“A Month of Sundays”)
Ian Wallace – drums (A5)
Kevin McCormick – African drums (B1)
Randy Newman – additional synthesizer (B3)
David Paich – synthesizer (B2), All pianos (A4), piano solo (B3)
Steve Porcaro – synthesizer (A1, A4)
Benmont Tench – synthesizer, piano (B3), keyboards (A2, A5)
Albhy Galuten – synthesizer, Synclavier (B1)
Michael Boddicker – synthesizer (B3)
Bill Cuomo – synthesizer, percussion (B5)
Belinda Carlisle – backing vocals, harmony vocals (A3)
Michael O’Donahue – backing vocals, chant voices (B1)
Patty Smyth – backing vocals, chant voices (B1), harmony vocals (B1-B3, B5)
Waddy Wachtel – backing vocals, chant voices (B1)
J. D. Souther – backing vocals, chant voices (B1)
Martha Davis – backing vocals, chant voices (B1), harmony vocals (B2)
Marie-Pascale Elfman – backing vocals, the French Girls ensemble (B4)
Carla Olson – backing vocals, chant voices (B1)
Dominique Mancinelli – backing vocals, the French Girls ensemble (B4)
Sam Moore – harmony vocals (A4)

Produced by Don Henley, Danny Kortchmar, Greg Ladanyi, and Mike Campbell (A1)

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