Dominique Guiot ‎– L’Univers de la Mer (1978)

L’Univers de la Mer is an instrumental album by French composer Dominique Guiot, released in 1978 on Auvidis/Chicago 2000.

A1. “Wind Surf Ballad” (2:24)
A2. “La dance des méduses” (2:37)
A3. “Ballade pour une goéllete” (1:18)
A4. “Les deux poissons” (2:56)
A5. “Ballet amoureux des dauphins” (2:24)
A6. “Les pingoins s’amusent” (2:44)
B1. “Destination inconnue” (3:26)
B2. “Iceberg en voyage” (3:32)
B3. “L’univers de la mer” (3:23)
B4. “Alerte en mer” (2:54)
B5. “Les emigrants de la mer” (2:47)
B6. “A la découverte d’une amphore” (3:39)

Artwork – J. Wyrs
Composed By – Dominique Guiot
Graphics [Graphic Conception] – M. Waddington
Photography By [Back Sleeve] – M. De Gialluly
Producer [Realisation] – Renaldo Cerri
Saxophone [Solo] – Mitia De Gialluly (B1)
Synthesizer [Solo] – Dominique Cannone (B5)

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