Djam Karet ‎– Reflections from the Firepool (1989)

Reflections from the Firepool is the third album by American art-rock/ambient four-piece Djam Karet, released in 1989 on the band’s exclusive HC Productions.

1. “The Sky Opens Twice” (10:16)
2. “Fall of the Monkeywalk” (9:16)
3. “Run Cerberus Run” (6:42)
4. “Scenes From the Electric Circus” (7:04)
5. “Animal Origin” (7:15)
6. “All Doors Look Alike” (7:15)
7. “The Red Monk” (7:22)
8. “Reflections From the Firepool” (10:02)

Gayle Ellett — electric guitar, steel guitar, classical guitar, keyboards, tape, percussion
Mike Henderson — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12 string electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, percussion
Chuck Oken, Jr. — drums, synthesizer, electronic drums, programming, engineering, mixing
Henry J. Osborne — bass guitar, keyboards, percussion

Djam Karet — producer
Rychard Cooper — production, engineering, mixing, goblet drum
Rob DeChaine — mixing
Maxim J. Mahoney — saxophone (5)

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