Dixie Dregs – Free Fall (1977)

Free Fall is the second album by American jazz-rock/bluegrass combo the Dixie Dregs, released in 1977 on Capricorn.

A1. “Free Fall” (4:41)
A2. “Holiday” (4:29)
A3. “Hand Jig” (3:17)
A4. “Moe Down” (3:50)
A5. “Refried Funky Chicken” (3:18)
A6. “Sleep” (1:57)
B1. “Cruise Control” (6:14)
B2. “Cosmopolitan Traveler” (3:03)
B3. “Dig the Ditch” (3:50)
B4. “Wages of Weirdness” (3:47)
B5. “Northern Lights” (3:12)

Rod Morgenstein — drums, percussion
Andy West — bass
Allen Sloan — electric violin, viola, strings
Steve Morse — guitar, guitar synthesizer, banjo
Steve Davidowski — synthesizer, keyboard

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