Dionne-Brégent ‎– Deux (1977)

Deux is the second of two albums by Quebecois electronic/electroacoustic duo Dionne-Brégent, released in 1977 on Capitol Records.

A1. Ouverture (6:13)
A2. Le prophète (Suite Fraternelle)
|i. Dans la mémoire du temps (2:40)
|ii. Evocation de Ré (2:57)
|iii. Léthargie (1:03)
|iv. Chant Fraternel (2:44)
|v. Danse Françoise (Médiéval électrique) (1:51)
|vi. Gratte-Ciel Polyphonique / Postlude (6:32)
B1. Campus (10:06)
B2. Transit-Express (9:52)

Vincent Dionne — drums, castanets, tubular bells, cymbals, glockenspiel, gongs, timbales, triangle, vibraphone, xylophone, music
Michel-Georges Brégent — Clavinet, tape echo, Mellotron, sequencer, Orchestron, farfisa organ, moog taurus bass pedals, piano, fender rhodes electric piano, mini moog
Pierre Cormier — congas
J.P. Carpentier — trombone
Albert Devito — trombone
Guy Archambeault — trumpet
Denis Lagacé — trumpet
Margot Morris — harp
Eugène Robitaille — viola
Johanne Arel — violin
Raymond Dessaint — violin
André Migneault — cello
André Perreault — engineer
Christian Julliard — producer, executive producer
Dionne-Brégent — executive producer, arrangements, music

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