Diga Rhythm Band – Diga (1976)

Diga is an album by percussive-jam ensemble the Diga Rhythm Band, released in 1976 on Round Records.

A1. “Razooli” (2:40)
A2. “Happiness Is Drumming” (3:17)
A3. “Tala Mala” (15:15)
B1. “Sweet Sixteen” (8:05)
B2. “Magnificent Sevens” (12:56)

Jordan Amarantha — congas, bongos
Peter Carmichael — tabla
Aushim Chaudhuri — tabla
Vince Delgado — dumbek, tabla, talking drum, associate producer
Tor Dietrichson — tabla
Mickey Hart — trap set, gongs, timbales, timpani, producer
Zakir Hussain — tabla, tar, drum, assistant producer, arrangements
Jim Loveless — marimba
Joy Shulman — tabla
Ray Spiegel — vibraphone
Arshad Syed — duggi tarang, nal
Dan Healy — engineer
Bill Wolf — engineer
Betty Cantor — engineer
Jerry Garcia — guitar, guest
Jim McPherson — vocals, guest
Kathy McDonald — vocals, guest
David Freiberg — vocals, guest

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