Diethelm / Famulari ‎– Valleys in My Head (1984)

Valleys in My Head is the second of two albums by Swiss avant-folk/rock/jazz duo Diethelm / Famulari, released in 1984 on Mercury.

A1. “Boliva” (5:32)
A2. “Liquorice” (8:05)
A3. “Well of the Pink” (4:51)
B1. “Mindfresher” (6:58)
B2. “Valleys in My Head” (4:51)
B3. “Portrait” (6:57)

Guitar, Vocals, Producer – Thomas Diethelm
Keyboards, Piano – Santino Famulari

Drums – Fritz Hauser
Vocals – Regi Sager (B1)
Cover Art – Georg Erhardt
Engineer – Ron Kurz
Written-By – Famulari, Diethelm

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