Didier Lockwood ‎– New World (1979)

New World is an album by French jazz-rock violinist Didier Lockwood, released in 1979 on MPS.

A1. “Vieux Pape” (5:17)
A2. “Autumn Leaves” (5:23)
A3. “La Manufacture de Sucre Engloutie” (3:52)
A4. “New World” (5:02)
B1. “The Last Blade of Grass” (4:26)
B1. “My Memories of You” (5:38)
B3. “Giant Steps” (2:10)
B4. “Pentup House” (2:29)
B5. “Zbiggy” (6:52)

Didier Lockwood — violin
Gordon Beck — piano, electric piano
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen — bass
Tony Williams — drums
John Etheridge — guitar (B1)
Jean-Michel Kajdan — guitar (B1, B4, B5)
Francis Lockwood — piano (B2)

Joachim-Ernst Berendt — producer
Gibbs Platen — sound engineer
Frieder Grindler — graphic design, photography

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