Devadip Carlos Santana ‎– Oneness (Silver Dreams-Golden Reality) (1979)

Oneness (Silver Dreams-Golden Reality) is an album by Latin-jazz/rock guitarist Carlos Santana, released in 1979 on Columbia.

A1. “The Chosen Hour” (0:38)
A2. “Arise Awake” (2:05)
A3. “Light Versus Darkness” (0:48)
A4. “Jim Jeannie” (3:30)
A5. “Transformation Day” (3:47)
A6. “Victory” (1:09)
A7. “Silver Dreams Golden Smiles” (4:09)
A8. “Cry of the Wilderness” (3:10)
A9. “Guru’s Song” (3:06)
B1. “Oneness” (6:21)
B2. “Life Is Just a Passing Parade” (5:12)
B3. “Golden Dawn” (2:17)
B4. “Free as the Morning Sun” (3:14)
B5. “I Am Free” (1:25)
B6. “Song for Devadip” (5:03)

Devadip Carlos Santana — guitar, bells, vocals, producer, arranger, writer
David Margen — bass
Graham Lear — drums, timbales
Raul Rekow — percussion
Armando Peraza — percussion
Tom Coster — synthesizer, writer
Clare Fischer — fender rhodes electric piano, string arrangements, conductor
Glen Kolotkin — producer, engineer, arranger
Chris Minto — assistant engineer
Phil Brown — mastering
Greg Walker — vocals, writer
Chris Rhyne — keyboards, Moog
Pete Escovedo — timbales
Bob Levy — strings, synthesizer
Urmila Santana — narration
Saunders King — lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Narada Michael Walden — piano, Hammond organ, writer
Chris Solberg — Hammond organ, guitar

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