Detective – Detective (1977)

Detective is the first of two back-to-back albums by English/American hard-rock band Detective, released in 1977 on Swan Song.

A1. “Recognition” (4:27)
A2. “Got Enough Love” (3:30)
A3. “Grim Reaper” (4:10)
A4. “Nightingale” (4:54)
B1. “Detective Man” (3:25)
B2. “Ain’t None of Your Business” (4:29)
B3. “Deep Down” (3:06)
B4. “Wild Hot Summer Nights” (4:17)
B5. “One More Heartache” (5:22)

Michael Des Barres – lead vocals
Michael Monarch – guitars
Tony Kaye – keyboards
Bobby Pickett – bass, backing vocals
Jon Hyde – drums, backing vocals, percussion

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