Delta 5 ‎– See the Whirl (1981)

See the Whirl is the first and only album by Leeds New Wave/funk band Delta 5, released in 1981 on Charisma’s Pre subsidiary.

A1. Innocenti” (2:03)
A2. “Final Scene” (2:42)
A3. “Circuit” (1:59)
A4. “Open Life” (3:39)
A5. “Trail” (2:57)
A6. “Shadow” (2:30)
A7. “Delta 5” (2:05)
A8. “Anticipation” (2:14)
B1. “Journey” (2:54)
B2. “Make Up” (2:51)
B3. “Triangle” (3:34)
B4. “Waiting” (2:29)
B5. “Telephone” (4:23)
B6. “Different Fur” (2:40)

Bethan Peters – bass, vocals
Ros Allen – bass, vocals
Kelvin Knight – drums, percussion
Alan Riggs – guitar, vocals
Julz Sale – vocals, guitar

Michael McEvoy – piano, horn arrangements
Melv Jefferson – backing vocals
B.J. Cole – pedal steel guitar on “Triangle”
John Sidwell, Steve Bishop, Steve Sidwell – horns
Adam Kidron – producer

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