Deep Purple ‎– Deep Purple in Rock (1970)

Deep Purple in Rock is the fourth studio album by English hard-rockers Deep Purple, released in 1970 on Harvest. The album is the band’s first to feature vocalist Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover.

“Speed King” – Explosion! Beginning with a song ending (like Flash and Be-Bop Deluxe would later do). Crashing cacophony, feedback, dust, debris… fades to quiet church organ at :55… cathedral notes evoking Van Der Graaf Generator… song breaks out, Gillan and all, at 1:35… driving G progression amid vocal swagger… rising chorus hookline in C… subsides to a brisker organ solo at 2:55, replete with legato licks and jazzy rhythms from Paice…. Intensifies to a rockier jam by 3:30… pummeling Blackmore aggression, wailing Gillan shrieks at around 4:10 herald return of song proper… verse, chorus (multiplied to fadout)… ending with feedback laden noise crash…

“Hard Lovin’ Man” – open-cadene chorda sustain (Fm-Eflat)… Glover’s crips bassnotes (Bflat) welcome Blackmores sizzling, galloping prowerchords (Bf…….Af-Df) amid Paice’s 2/4 downbeat, overlaid with Lord’s most shearing, sputtering Hammond sustains…. Gillan cuts in at 1:01, mauling through the verses, howling and wailing at every turn… modulate to Ef and back… sequence of solos over the nonstop pattern, Lord stretching out with echeoy iceberg tones.. gong @ 3:33 signals Blackmore’s turn in the spotlight, devouring the high and low ends of the fretboard with rapidfire scales…. Gilla reasserts at 4:55, screaming into the distance as Lord takes another run over Paice’s exceddinly brisk precision… at 5:55, everything gets sucked into Blacmore’s fretboard frenzy… the wind-engulfed band briefly fade in and back before the track implodes amid pick-sliding feedback… the song is unflinching thanks to the turgid rhythmic pattern, yet it gives open space to the acrobatics of Gillan and the two soloists… Purple fuse primal aggression with virtuosity and velocity, transcending the downer-rock trends of 1970 and presaging the fast, galloping NWOBHM of 1980  

A1. “Speed King” (5:52)*
A2. “Bloodsucker” (4:16)
A3. “Child in Time” (10:18)
B1. “Flight of the Rat” (7:53)
B2. “Into the Fire” (3:30)
B3. “Living Wreck” (4:31)
B4. “Hard Lovin’ Man” (7:11)

1970 shortplayer:
A. “Black Night” / *

Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Jon Lord – keyboards, organ
Ian Paice – drums, percussion
Ian Gillan – lead vocals
Roger Glover – bass

Andy Knight – engineer IBC Studios (A1, A3, B2 and B3)
Martin Birch – engineer De Lane Lea (B1 and B4)
Phil McDonald – engineer Abbey Road Studios (A2)

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